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New Re-Amp service is now available-

Are you not happy with your guitar tones? Do they sound thin and lack punch?


Simply record a DI of your guitar and send us the files. You can choose from our selection of boutique amplifiers and we'll send you back multiple microphone recordingds of your DI using some of the best microphones in the business.


This service helps eliminate some of the expensive costs of "getting it right" in the studio. If you are tracking guitar in a project studio where amplifier volume is an issue, we can take direct guitar signals and re-amp them into some of the best sounding guitar amplifiers avaialble. Multiple combinations of amplifiers and microphones are avilable.


This exciting new service has a huge range of possibilities. Email us to find out what's available and ask us how we can get your dream tone.



Mourning Tide

Mourning Tide have just spent 20 days in the studio and have created a monstrous wall of sound with dozens of layers of guitar layers and big, punchy drums.


Mourning Tide has finished the final edits and leave this week for LA. Once there they are getting the tracks mixed by Steve Evetts (Dillinger Escape Plan, Every time I die, Poison the Well, The Cure, Misfits, Sepultura and Hatebreed). Then it it's a quick stopover in NY to get the record mastered.


The boys are really keen to get back to Aus real soon and start touring the new songs. If they are playing in your town go check them out.


Visit their Myspace page for more details on up-coming shows.




Session Musicians

Recording Oasis is looking to expand its session musician catalogue. Please email a bio and links where we can hear your previous work. We will dedicate a page on this site with mp3's for prospective clients.